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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Autumn at 10 months

Oh where to start.....Autumn is defiantly coming into her own these days. It's so much fun watching her become her. She has 1 bottom tooth that came in around 8-9months, and she is now working on a second one. She started to crawl shortly after 4th of July and is getting into everything now lol. She'll hold onto the wall, couch, and anything stable really to walk. She's starting to let go and try to take steps, but falls pretty soon after letting go of something. I'm hoping that she'll hold off on actually walking just a few more weeks. We have made the dinning room into a play area for her and she is so happy just playing away by herself. We have started to feed her actual people food. She LOVES lunch meat, chicken (a girl after her mom's own heart), and french fries! If Matt or I even go to take a bite of food and she doesn't have anything in front of her, she'll want to have a bite. I recently watched a 2 month old for a week, my friend was going back to work from having him and needed some help. Autumn did pretty well around him, she wasn't too touchy - feely. Really the only interest she showed in him was trying to take his paci lol. I'm guessing she was thinking "Well you can't play with me so I'll just leave you be". Watching him gave Matt and I a glimpse into what life will be like when Hunter comes. DOUBLE THE DIAPERS!!!!!!

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