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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Our life the last 5 months

It's Been about 5 months since I last wrote anything! Where to start to get you caught up?

Well for starts Hunter is now 9 months old (tomorrow)! It's hard to believe how fast time has gone. He is all BOY, very rough and adventurous. Hunter has been crawling for months now, has one tooth that just popped through last week, and spoke his first words "Mama" last week! (Autumn's first words were Mama also). He is into everything Autumn is in. He walks with holding onto things which means it's only time before he starts to actually take steps in his own! He is currently 18.5 lbs, this is such a big deal to us since he struggled with gaining weight. Around the first of April Hunter woke up one morning and just forgot how to breast feed (that's the best reason that many lactation consultants have given me). I battled only breast feeding for the whole month of April - no bottles. When May came we decided to pump and bottle feed. That was going smoothly until the end of May when my supply tanked. I breastfed Hunter until he was 7 months, which for a preemie born 7 weeks early is great. Since his weight was still low when we stopped breastfeeding the doctor put him on Similac Neo-Sure made special for preemies. The formula has more calories and higher in DHA than other formulas (along with other things too). Luckily for us it's considered a medical need so insurance has covered it at 100%!!!!! He is finally taking off with solid foods and his reflux is almost gone. Hunter hasn't been the best of sleepers, but a month and a half ago we went to the "cry it out" method. He it took him a month for us to be able to put him in his crib with out him crying every time. But I'm happy to say he is sleeping 12 to 13 hours a night now!

Autumn is well into the toddler phase! She has such a personality and is very moody! Her range of words is going by the minute every day. She has mastered body parts, colors, clothing, food, phrases, and so much more. Matt and I love that we can actually communicate with her and know what she wants. Her hair is so blonde and curly, I never thought I'd ever have a blonde haired blue eyed little girl with me having such rich brown eyes and very dark brown hair! Autumn still eats anything we set in front of her and if we're eating she still thinks she needs to have what we are having. She never sits still unless she's sleeping which is why she only weighs 22 lbs (4 lbs is the weight difference between her and Hunter). I'm pretty sure in a few months Autumn and Hunter are going to look like twins!

As for Matt and I we've enjoying these babies to the fullest! I have been going through a rough patch the last few months. I developed Postpartum Depression that only a very few amount of family and friends knew about. It took Matt and I some time to figure out that I needed to see the doctor and figure out what was going on. I can say now that the last 2 weeks I have felt like I'm back to my normal self. I really have to give Matt a lot of credit here, he not only worked full time but when he came home he really picked up in the areas I was lacking in. He truly is the love of my life and my better half, being his wife makes me a better person. Matt is in the best health he has ever been in (those are the doctors own words).

Well that should get you up to speed on what has happened in the last 5 months. I am going to be doing some different things with my blog. I'm still going to be giving updates on our life but I also want to start doing some "how to's", reviews on products that I have grown to love or tried out, and how I save money by couponing and looking for the best deal possible! STAY TUNED

Monday, March 12, 2012

Keeping up with our family

Wow it's been a month since I last posted! As you may have guessed I'm a busy woman. Keeping up with these babies is a full time job in itself! So let me get you caught up to speed.
    To start with life around here hasn't been pretty so to speak. Autumn, Matt, and I all had the stomach flu that was going around for about a week. Thankfully Hunter was not bothered by it. I on the other hand had it the worst, I ended up having to go to the ER to get IV fluids and meds which helped a ton. I made the comment to Matt "I feel like I'm pregnant again and I hate it!" LOL (as many may know I had morning sickness bad with the kids). Anyway we eventually got to feeling normal again. The other not so pretty thing is Hunter isn't sleeping as well as Autumn did. So needless to say Matt and I have been very tired. Autumn has also been waking up at night do to teething. Which by the way She now has 4 teeth and 2 more coming in very soon (finally after going for months without any signs of getting more teeth).
      Autumn has been learning her body parts, colors, and animals. She's doing pretty well, just have to keep working on it :). We've also taught her to say I love you and we do this thing that my mom and I use to do growing up. When you say I love you we point to our eye, heart, and then her. Well last Wednesday night when Matt was putting Autumn to bed as I was feeding Hunter, Matt started to do the I love you with the motions we've been doing and sure enough Autumn did it to me. It melted my heart and I almost started to cry! We are truly blessed with amazing children!
       Hunter has been growing leaps and bonds!!! He grew a whole 4 inches in length from 2 months to 4 months old. He was 10lbs 7 oz last Wednesday at our nursing support group. We go just about every week to make sure he's gaining enough weight each week and of course breast feeding is a constant learning process (at least for us) and it gives my the chance to talk with the lactation consultants and get help. I won't lie there have been times where I just want to give up breast feeding because it's hard work, but then there are other times it's so easy. Anyway Hunter has learned how to roll both directions now! He is out to show preemies can be quick learners lol. He and Autumn have been interacting with each other a lot more. Hunter just follows her around the room with his eyes, you can tell by the look in his eyes he just wants to do what she's doing. Autumn has gotten into this whole Big Sister thing, she'll come up to him and give him hugs and kisses and try to pick him up and carry him around lol. She calls him bubba most of the time (we're really just pushing for brother). Come November and they're able to do the same thing, they'll be thick as thieves!
       Last but not least!!!! We've decided last week that it's probably time I go back to work. I have such mixed feelings on this subject. I have always enjoyed the feeling of bringing in money to help provide for our family. But what mom doesn't want to stay home with their kids all day and watch them grow into their own little person!?! I love being a mom more than anything in the world, but with that said I am a people person and need adult conversation lol. We have never done "baby talk" in our house we talk to the kids in normal voices and use real words with them. Now the hard part begins, do I go back into banking, or do I work retail so I have more flexibility, or do I try to actually use my degree in dental assisting, or should I try my own business like Pampered Chef where I can be home with the kids and still bring in money? So many questions and worries. I haven't worked in almost 2 years! Do I take a supervisor position like I've had in the past or do I just get my feet wet to start with? I've been praying for answers and to be shown what path to take and I hoping something will just fall into my lap and I'll know that this is what I'm ment to do.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

We've made it 3 months!!!!!

          Wow it's been 3 months since Hunters birth, we've made it 3 months of breastfeeding! In my last post I said my goal was to make it to 3 months, well since we're here my next goal is 6 months. I have to say breastfeeding is a constant learning experience on both parts. Once you've got things down there's a little change. Recently the new change is Hunter has learned to nurse more effectively making it so it doesnt take him as much time as it use too. Now it took me a few days to realize he was still eating the same amount just took less time and not to freak out that he wasn't eating lol. Even though nursing him is a lot harder then giving him formula I wouldn't change it for anything (not even more than 3-4 hrs of sleep at night). Why you ask? Because he's doing so well and for him it's so much better than formula. His reflux isn't as bad as Autumn's was too. Not to mention I always have enough food for him and here's the kicker it's FREE, doesn't cost a penny!!!And since it's free, we have money to spend on diapers and wipes (which I'm pretty sure pampers should give us stock right now). We spend about 150.00 a month on diapers and wipes. Yes I know that's a lot lol. 
           Well onto the good stuff, Hunter is showing great milestones! He is such a rockstar. Hunter smiles, coos, and follows objects with his eyes. He loves to follow Matt and I around the room (with his eyes). Hunter is also holding his head up anytime he's on his tummy, and he rolled from his tummy to his back for the first time Monday night. He is now in 3 month clothes and was 9lb 1oz last Wednesday.
           Autumn is starting to notice him more and more. She gives him kisses and loves to bring him toys. She does think whatever is his is hers too lol.  Autumn is growing leaps and bonds. She's in 18 month clothes already, she goes for her 15 month check up on 2/14. Matt and I are surprised everyday with her, weather it's a new word or something she's copied us doing or my favorate thing - going into the pantry and getting her applesauce squeeze packs, bring them to me and says "open, open"! Autumn will also reach for my phone and want to call Daddy while he's at work or she says Grammie or Papaw and want to call and talk to them. Which she well tell them "come here or come over" lol. I love it!
            Needless to say there is never a dull moment in our house.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

It's been 6 Weeks Today

Today marks 6 weeks ...... Hunter is already 6weeks old today! I can't believe it, we've made it 6weeks with Irish twins (that's what everyone keeps calling them). Today also makes 6 weeks of breast feeding which is the first goal I set for Hunter and I. Now I'm not a person who thinks that breast feeding is the only option. I believe that the best thing for baby is to have whatever food that is helping them gain weight and grow big and strong. Like in Autumn's case she needed to be put on a thick formula so she could keep the food down to gain weight. But in Hunter's case breast milk is the best do to the fact that he needs all my antibodies he can get to protect him from germs since he's at a much higher risk. I am so thankful God has blessed me with a huge supply of milk and for Hunter being so good at breast feeding (besides the fact that he likes to take his time eating). Hunter is also acting as a normal 1 month old and doing the things other 1 month olds should do! Which is great news since he is showing these signs it means he won't be behind in development and should have no problems later in life (he was at a small chance of having learning delays). He is also sleeping 3 to 6 hours at night (we are so blessed to have babies that like to sleep). The doctor has decided that Hunter does have acid reflux but hopefully not as bad as Autumn had it. We started meds to help and some days are better than others. For the most part he still sleeps A LOT which is normal until he reaches his due date. Autumn has done better than we figured. She stays on her normal daily schedule and is some what interested in him. She looks at him and you can see her wheels turning in her head to figure out exactly what he is. She's becoming more and more of a toddler. It seems like every day she is saying a new word :) and doing new things. Matt and I are surprised each day! Oh what a wonderful family we have been so blessed with. I can't imagine life without any of them (even April our furry baby)!!!! My next goal for Hunter and I is to make it to 3 months breast feeding :) wish us luck!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Hunter's arrival into the World

Warning Maybe too much info for some people: Let me see where to start? Well Saturday October 29th we had gotten the ok from my OB to do Autumn's 1 yr pictures and our maternity pictures, that day everything was going well through the pictures and later that evening. The only thing that felt different is I just had this overwhelming feeling that I kept feeling through out the day. This feeling could only be described as I just felt like Hunter was going to be born that day/night or then next day (Sunday). I had told Matt about this feeling and I do have to say I was worried with only being 33 weeks. So they only thing I could think of was to pray, and I just prayed that whatever was God's will be done and that He'd take away my worries and give me peace in my heart. Matt and I had come to except that whenever Hunter came that it was God's will and everything would work out for the best. So Saturday night we put Autumn to bed at 10pm, then we crawled in bed to snuggle and watch a movie. After the movie was over I got up to empty my bladder so I wouldn't wake up so much during the night (this was 12:20am exactly). When I went to the restroom I had a big gush of blood and fluid (this happen the morning I went into labor with Autumn). I yelled to Matt to bring me my phone to call the on call doctor, at this time I wasn't contracting and I left a message saying what happened. As I waited for the call back on what to do, I started to contract every 6 minutes. They called and said come in ASAP and not to waste time because Autumn was born so quickly. We called Mom and Ralph on our way to their house saying we're bringing Autumn. I felt so bad Autumn was crying and didn't know what was going on and we had to drop and run and oh it felt awful. When we dropped her off contractions were 4 minutes apart and by the time we got to the hospital they were 2 minutes apart and I was 50% effaced and dilated to 2cm. I was admitted into the hospital at 2:20am. The plan of action was to stop labor for as long as possible. They put me on a med called Mag (I don't know how to spell the word) and I think a man made it because you can't focus on anything/anyone, you're so tired, and it made thing very blurry. I was also given an ultrasound to see how much fluid was left and to check Hunter's size and if he was ok. The u/s tech was very rude didn't anything to us the whole time and didn't do the u/s correctly. We got another round of the shots to help his lung develop even more. By Monday morning I got to see my OB and she order another u/s so we could get a better look at his size and check fluid level again. He was 5lbs 6oz and I still had a good amount of fluid, she said it looked like there was just a leak and my water didn't break all the way. So the plan was to start antibioctics to fight off any infection that could now get into the sac and to Hunter or me. We were hoping to make it to 34 weeks which would have been yesterday Sunday November 6th. We hadn't told anyone we were in the hospital because I didn't want visitor with the way I was feeling and we didn't want to worry everyone. Matt had gone back to work Tuesday the 1st because I told him he needed to save his PTO for when Hunter was born. At 9:30am on the 1st I started to contract and the meds just weren't stopping it any more. I was dilated to 4cm and 75% effaced and my OB said today was the day. I called Matt and told him to come quick, he didn't get there till 11am because they were trying to get a manager there (I was so afraid he was going to miss the birth because everything was going so fast). At 12:30 my OB came in and checked me again and I was 5cm and a plus 2 station (means baby is very close to being born). I was having a lot of back labor that I couldn't get rid of so I got an epidural. When that was all in place it was 1:15 (which was the same time I had looked at the clock after I got my epidural with Autumn). Matt was very tired so he ate and took a nap. At 2:15 I looked at Matt and said "Wake up and call for the nurse!" I knew it was time and Hunter gave us no warning at all. At this time the nurse comes in and checks me and is yelling for help and for someone to get my OB (who was in surgery at the other side of the hosptial). They were telling me not to push because it was very important to wait till doc and NICU team got there. Finally Dr. Hayes was there (she left her other paticent on the table and was sweating from sprinting to our our). They told me it was ok to push, I pushed for 16 seconds and she said "stop!" I said "what's wrong? The head can't be out". She replied "it's is" and told me to push again for the shoulders and another 10 seconds of pushing and Hunter Maximus was born at 2:38pm 5lbs 5oz and 18.5 inches long, FULL head of hair and screaming! They laid him on my stomach just to cut the cord (Matt wasn't able to) and took him away to the NICU. It was a lot different than Autumn's birth (other than the quick labor and delivery). We got to go see him at 4pm. He was breathing on his own but needed a c-pap to make his breaths last longer and was in an inkubator to regulate his body temp. So far he is now completely off any breathing help, in an open crib holding his on body temp, and off the bili lights. We are working on teaching him how to feed at the breast and bottle (bottle for when I can't be there so he can lose his feeding tube and come home). They really have no idea of a date he'll come home because learning to eat can go qucikly or take some time.

A lot of people have asked how we came up with his name, Matt picked the first name and I picked the middle (with Autumn I picked the first and Matt picked the middle). Also with Autumn her middle intial is my first intial. So we wanted to do the same with Hunter, his middle intial is Matt's first intial :). He has a strong name, and it fits him for his size since a baby born at 33 weeks should really only be about 4 pounds!
It's tough having him in the NICU and having Autumn at home and taking turns being in both places. But Matt and I feel/know we'll be a much stronger family when this is all said and done.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

32 weeks!!!! And Autumn

Let me start off with Autumn, she has 2 teeth now!!!! OH and was it a hard few days before it came through (10/18). The night before she spent the whole night in bed with Matt and I, none of us slept good due to her tossing and turning. She was wake off and on the whole night and poor thing wet her diaper in a 5 minute time period and we even had to change her clothes! But we made it through the night that seemed to never end and now there are 2 buttom toofers (teeth) lol. Autumn is also making the effort to let go of things as she walks!!! She has taken a few steps but nothing more than 2 in a row. We are so proud of her and her efforts. I know she's an over-achviver already :). Her 1st Birthday is only 3 weeks away!

I'm 32 weeks today!!! Which makes this the end of 5 weeks of bed rest with 2 to 4 more to go. To think that I have maybe another whole month of nothing but laying sucks (and possibly not at home but in the hospital makes me very depressed). We did find out on Monday that Hunter is 4 pounds 4 ounces measuring 34 weeks. So at least he has weight on his side and hopefully his lungs are almost developed due to the shots I had 5 weeks ago. Matt and I have been doing some reading about what to expect at what weeks of when he's born. We found that March of Dimes has been the most informing and not scary place to get the scoop.
If you're wondering what we found out here it is.

Babies Born at 32 to 33 weeks
              About 98 percent of babies born at this time survive. Most weigh between 3 and 5 pounds and appear thinner than full-term babies. Many need supplemental oxygen to help them breathe, although some can breathe on their own. Some can breast- or bottle-feed, but those who have breathing difficulties probably need tube-feeding. Babies born at this time are less likely than babies born earlier to develop serious disabilities caused by premature birth, though they remain at increased risk for learning and behavioral problems.

Babies Born at 34 to 36 weeks
             Late preterm infants are usually healthier than babies born earlier. More than 99 percent of these babies survive, though they are:
        6 times more likely than full-term infants to die in the first week of life (2.8 per 1,000 vs. 0.5 per 1,000)
        3 times more likely to die in the first year of life (7.9 per 1,000 vs. 2.4 per 1,000)
Late preterm babies often weigh between 4½ and 6 pounds, and they may appear thinner than full-term babies. These babies remain at higher risk than full-term babies for newborn health problems, including breathing and feeding problems, difficulties regulating body temperature, and jaundice. These problems are usually mild. Most of these babies can breast- or bottle-feed, although some (especially those with mild breathing problems) may need tube-feeding for a brief time.
A baby's brain at 35 weeks weighs only two-thirds of what it will weigh at 40 weeks. Because their brain development is not complete, these babies may be at increased risk for learning and behavioral problems. Most do not develop serious disabilities resulting from premature birth.
A recent study, however, found that late preterm infants are more than 3 times as likely to develop cerebral palsy and are slightly more likely to have developmental delays than babies born full term. Another study found that adults who were born at 34 to 36 weeks gestation may be more likely than those born full-term to have mild disabilities and to earn lower long-term wages.

We have a lot fighting against us some days (or it seems that way) but whenever Hunter is born and whatever we may have to deal with, we will be a stronger family and make it through. We are very blessed to have made it this far and are very thankful for the extra time he's been inside me to grow bigger and stronger! Are hopes are to make it to 37 weeks which gives us the best chance of taking him home when we go home.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

So proud to be Matt's wife!!!!!!

I want to make a special post about Matt today.

Let me start of with the short story of how we met (it plays a very important part of today's post). Matt and I offically met the night of May 5, 2007. I had stopped by his work to get a pizza and drink on my way home. While I waited for my food, we had started some small talk. Then I took my food and left. At home I was telling my mom that I actually talked to the cute guy at the pizza place and that he seemed pretty nice (I'd always tell her when we picked up pizza that he was the cute one that worked there lol). Now I wasn't thinking about dating anyone at this point in time, I was actually thinking I didn't want to date anybody for a while. Over the next week or so we'd say Hi in passing as we came and went from our shifts (our jobs were next door to each other). Then the night that my mom and I started to move apartments, I stopped in for a pizza and drink for a very late dinner and I stayed to talk to Matt while I waited on the food. I left when the food was done and headed to the new appartment for one last drop for the night. As I was driving I picked up my phone and called his work, which was closed by now and just by luck he answered! I then mustered up the words to ask if he'd like to get a milkshake at Steak n Shake after he got off work that night. To my surprise he said "sure why not" (I later found out he was trying to play it cool). We met at Steak n Shake at midnight. We talked for hours and hours which only seemed to be a short time. By the time we realized it, it was 6 am!!!! Yes we were there for 6 hours. We taked about everything families, school, work, likes, dislikes, movies, and on and on. We had hung out a few more times over the weeks. Then Matt's birthday comes around, he had invited me over to his appartment to meet some of his friends and spend his birthday with him, to my surprise he introduced me as his girlfriend (which I was defiantly ok with) and later that night we had our first kiss which was perfect! Fast forward to September, we have spent almost everyday together and just knew that we were ment for each other. We decided to get married in March and that started our life together forever!

Now onto talking about Matt -
Matt doesn't get enough credit for all he does. Everyone tells me how great of a mommy I am with Autumn and how I go through so much with my pregnancies to get them here safe and sound. But what everyone doesn't realize Matt puts in A LOT of work in too, he's actually putting in overtime right now! I'm so proud to be Matt's wife and I'm so blessed to have him as man of the house. Over the last week alone Matt has been working so hard both at work and at home. Recently the GM of his location had their third child and was off work so, the others had to pick up some extra hours and change the schedule around and so on. Then he comes home to do laundry, dishes, cooking, taking care of my needs, and doing everything Autumn needs. He has also put up with a very moody me this week :( I have not been the best of spirits and very snappy do to failing my first glucose test and having to take the three hour one. Let's just say I've been throwing a pitty party for myself. And Matt has still been very patient and loving towards me! I'm also so proud that he took the time yesterday to go look at cars for us do to the fact that our gold car was on a lease and time to give it back in a few weeks. Normally we buy a car together and I deal with all the paper work and info and he deals with the car picking, finding the safety ratings, talking trade in value, and so on. But yesterday he picked a new Jeep out for me (because this is going to be the car I drive), doing the paper work, all the signing, and finializing the deal (all with me at home). I'm so glad he knows what I like and don't like, where we needed to be price wise, and being able to take charge and get it all worked out with no stress on me. When we were planning our wedding, he'd look at me and say "how'd I get so lucky?". I'd reply "because I was the one that had the guts to ask you on a date". But I am truely the lucky one, I've got a husband that loves me for me and our children, who doesn't mind working hard (and I mean hard, he's got a demanding job) to pay our bills, that is kind, loving, forgiving (and oh is he forgiving, I'm not one that many can handle my moods), and faithful. Matt and I have always tried to say thank you to each other when something is done for the other or for Matt working, or me taking care of the house stuff and Autumn (we just always try to remmber what the other one does to make our family work). It's key in a marrige to show how much it means to you what the other one does for their part. An that's why I feel like Matt deserves and extra special THANK YOU because without his help and love I wouldn't be where I want to be in life and in our family. I thank God every day that we met each other that one night in May and made it one of the best nights of my life.

To my amazing husband that loves me no matter what, and will always be there for me. I LOVE YOU oh so much for being the man you are!!!!!!!!