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Saturday, October 1, 2011

So proud to be Matt's wife!!!!!!

I want to make a special post about Matt today.

Let me start of with the short story of how we met (it plays a very important part of today's post). Matt and I offically met the night of May 5, 2007. I had stopped by his work to get a pizza and drink on my way home. While I waited for my food, we had started some small talk. Then I took my food and left. At home I was telling my mom that I actually talked to the cute guy at the pizza place and that he seemed pretty nice (I'd always tell her when we picked up pizza that he was the cute one that worked there lol). Now I wasn't thinking about dating anyone at this point in time, I was actually thinking I didn't want to date anybody for a while. Over the next week or so we'd say Hi in passing as we came and went from our shifts (our jobs were next door to each other). Then the night that my mom and I started to move apartments, I stopped in for a pizza and drink for a very late dinner and I stayed to talk to Matt while I waited on the food. I left when the food was done and headed to the new appartment for one last drop for the night. As I was driving I picked up my phone and called his work, which was closed by now and just by luck he answered! I then mustered up the words to ask if he'd like to get a milkshake at Steak n Shake after he got off work that night. To my surprise he said "sure why not" (I later found out he was trying to play it cool). We met at Steak n Shake at midnight. We talked for hours and hours which only seemed to be a short time. By the time we realized it, it was 6 am!!!! Yes we were there for 6 hours. We taked about everything families, school, work, likes, dislikes, movies, and on and on. We had hung out a few more times over the weeks. Then Matt's birthday comes around, he had invited me over to his appartment to meet some of his friends and spend his birthday with him, to my surprise he introduced me as his girlfriend (which I was defiantly ok with) and later that night we had our first kiss which was perfect! Fast forward to September, we have spent almost everyday together and just knew that we were ment for each other. We decided to get married in March and that started our life together forever!

Now onto talking about Matt -
Matt doesn't get enough credit for all he does. Everyone tells me how great of a mommy I am with Autumn and how I go through so much with my pregnancies to get them here safe and sound. But what everyone doesn't realize Matt puts in A LOT of work in too, he's actually putting in overtime right now! I'm so proud to be Matt's wife and I'm so blessed to have him as man of the house. Over the last week alone Matt has been working so hard both at work and at home. Recently the GM of his location had their third child and was off work so, the others had to pick up some extra hours and change the schedule around and so on. Then he comes home to do laundry, dishes, cooking, taking care of my needs, and doing everything Autumn needs. He has also put up with a very moody me this week :( I have not been the best of spirits and very snappy do to failing my first glucose test and having to take the three hour one. Let's just say I've been throwing a pitty party for myself. And Matt has still been very patient and loving towards me! I'm also so proud that he took the time yesterday to go look at cars for us do to the fact that our gold car was on a lease and time to give it back in a few weeks. Normally we buy a car together and I deal with all the paper work and info and he deals with the car picking, finding the safety ratings, talking trade in value, and so on. But yesterday he picked a new Jeep out for me (because this is going to be the car I drive), doing the paper work, all the signing, and finializing the deal (all with me at home). I'm so glad he knows what I like and don't like, where we needed to be price wise, and being able to take charge and get it all worked out with no stress on me. When we were planning our wedding, he'd look at me and say "how'd I get so lucky?". I'd reply "because I was the one that had the guts to ask you on a date". But I am truely the lucky one, I've got a husband that loves me for me and our children, who doesn't mind working hard (and I mean hard, he's got a demanding job) to pay our bills, that is kind, loving, forgiving (and oh is he forgiving, I'm not one that many can handle my moods), and faithful. Matt and I have always tried to say thank you to each other when something is done for the other or for Matt working, or me taking care of the house stuff and Autumn (we just always try to remmber what the other one does to make our family work). It's key in a marrige to show how much it means to you what the other one does for their part. An that's why I feel like Matt deserves and extra special THANK YOU because without his help and love I wouldn't be where I want to be in life and in our family. I thank God every day that we met each other that one night in May and made it one of the best nights of my life.

To my amazing husband that loves me no matter what, and will always be there for me. I LOVE YOU oh so much for being the man you are!!!!!!!!

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