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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

It's been 6 Weeks Today

Today marks 6 weeks ...... Hunter is already 6weeks old today! I can't believe it, we've made it 6weeks with Irish twins (that's what everyone keeps calling them). Today also makes 6 weeks of breast feeding which is the first goal I set for Hunter and I. Now I'm not a person who thinks that breast feeding is the only option. I believe that the best thing for baby is to have whatever food that is helping them gain weight and grow big and strong. Like in Autumn's case she needed to be put on a thick formula so she could keep the food down to gain weight. But in Hunter's case breast milk is the best do to the fact that he needs all my antibodies he can get to protect him from germs since he's at a much higher risk. I am so thankful God has blessed me with a huge supply of milk and for Hunter being so good at breast feeding (besides the fact that he likes to take his time eating). Hunter is also acting as a normal 1 month old and doing the things other 1 month olds should do! Which is great news since he is showing these signs it means he won't be behind in development and should have no problems later in life (he was at a small chance of having learning delays). He is also sleeping 3 to 6 hours at night (we are so blessed to have babies that like to sleep). The doctor has decided that Hunter does have acid reflux but hopefully not as bad as Autumn had it. We started meds to help and some days are better than others. For the most part he still sleeps A LOT which is normal until he reaches his due date. Autumn has done better than we figured. She stays on her normal daily schedule and is some what interested in him. She looks at him and you can see her wheels turning in her head to figure out exactly what he is. She's becoming more and more of a toddler. It seems like every day she is saying a new word :) and doing new things. Matt and I are surprised each day! Oh what a wonderful family we have been so blessed with. I can't imagine life without any of them (even April our furry baby)!!!! My next goal for Hunter and I is to make it to 3 months breast feeding :) wish us luck!

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