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Monday, November 7, 2011

Hunter's arrival into the World

Warning Maybe too much info for some people: Let me see where to start? Well Saturday October 29th we had gotten the ok from my OB to do Autumn's 1 yr pictures and our maternity pictures, that day everything was going well through the pictures and later that evening. The only thing that felt different is I just had this overwhelming feeling that I kept feeling through out the day. This feeling could only be described as I just felt like Hunter was going to be born that day/night or then next day (Sunday). I had told Matt about this feeling and I do have to say I was worried with only being 33 weeks. So they only thing I could think of was to pray, and I just prayed that whatever was God's will be done and that He'd take away my worries and give me peace in my heart. Matt and I had come to except that whenever Hunter came that it was God's will and everything would work out for the best. So Saturday night we put Autumn to bed at 10pm, then we crawled in bed to snuggle and watch a movie. After the movie was over I got up to empty my bladder so I wouldn't wake up so much during the night (this was 12:20am exactly). When I went to the restroom I had a big gush of blood and fluid (this happen the morning I went into labor with Autumn). I yelled to Matt to bring me my phone to call the on call doctor, at this time I wasn't contracting and I left a message saying what happened. As I waited for the call back on what to do, I started to contract every 6 minutes. They called and said come in ASAP and not to waste time because Autumn was born so quickly. We called Mom and Ralph on our way to their house saying we're bringing Autumn. I felt so bad Autumn was crying and didn't know what was going on and we had to drop and run and oh it felt awful. When we dropped her off contractions were 4 minutes apart and by the time we got to the hospital they were 2 minutes apart and I was 50% effaced and dilated to 2cm. I was admitted into the hospital at 2:20am. The plan of action was to stop labor for as long as possible. They put me on a med called Mag (I don't know how to spell the word) and I think a man made it because you can't focus on anything/anyone, you're so tired, and it made thing very blurry. I was also given an ultrasound to see how much fluid was left and to check Hunter's size and if he was ok. The u/s tech was very rude didn't anything to us the whole time and didn't do the u/s correctly. We got another round of the shots to help his lung develop even more. By Monday morning I got to see my OB and she order another u/s so we could get a better look at his size and check fluid level again. He was 5lbs 6oz and I still had a good amount of fluid, she said it looked like there was just a leak and my water didn't break all the way. So the plan was to start antibioctics to fight off any infection that could now get into the sac and to Hunter or me. We were hoping to make it to 34 weeks which would have been yesterday Sunday November 6th. We hadn't told anyone we were in the hospital because I didn't want visitor with the way I was feeling and we didn't want to worry everyone. Matt had gone back to work Tuesday the 1st because I told him he needed to save his PTO for when Hunter was born. At 9:30am on the 1st I started to contract and the meds just weren't stopping it any more. I was dilated to 4cm and 75% effaced and my OB said today was the day. I called Matt and told him to come quick, he didn't get there till 11am because they were trying to get a manager there (I was so afraid he was going to miss the birth because everything was going so fast). At 12:30 my OB came in and checked me again and I was 5cm and a plus 2 station (means baby is very close to being born). I was having a lot of back labor that I couldn't get rid of so I got an epidural. When that was all in place it was 1:15 (which was the same time I had looked at the clock after I got my epidural with Autumn). Matt was very tired so he ate and took a nap. At 2:15 I looked at Matt and said "Wake up and call for the nurse!" I knew it was time and Hunter gave us no warning at all. At this time the nurse comes in and checks me and is yelling for help and for someone to get my OB (who was in surgery at the other side of the hosptial). They were telling me not to push because it was very important to wait till doc and NICU team got there. Finally Dr. Hayes was there (she left her other paticent on the table and was sweating from sprinting to our our). They told me it was ok to push, I pushed for 16 seconds and she said "stop!" I said "what's wrong? The head can't be out". She replied "it's is" and told me to push again for the shoulders and another 10 seconds of pushing and Hunter Maximus was born at 2:38pm 5lbs 5oz and 18.5 inches long, FULL head of hair and screaming! They laid him on my stomach just to cut the cord (Matt wasn't able to) and took him away to the NICU. It was a lot different than Autumn's birth (other than the quick labor and delivery). We got to go see him at 4pm. He was breathing on his own but needed a c-pap to make his breaths last longer and was in an inkubator to regulate his body temp. So far he is now completely off any breathing help, in an open crib holding his on body temp, and off the bili lights. We are working on teaching him how to feed at the breast and bottle (bottle for when I can't be there so he can lose his feeding tube and come home). They really have no idea of a date he'll come home because learning to eat can go qucikly or take some time.

A lot of people have asked how we came up with his name, Matt picked the first name and I picked the middle (with Autumn I picked the first and Matt picked the middle). Also with Autumn her middle intial is my first intial. So we wanted to do the same with Hunter, his middle intial is Matt's first intial :). He has a strong name, and it fits him for his size since a baby born at 33 weeks should really only be about 4 pounds!
It's tough having him in the NICU and having Autumn at home and taking turns being in both places. But Matt and I feel/know we'll be a much stronger family when this is all said and done.

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