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Monday, July 11, 2011

Autumn Crawls!!!!

     Well it's official Autumn is a girl on the move!!!! Autumn started to crawl yesterday, we had been working with her for almost 2 months to crawl forwards. She would crawl backwards and get mad because she wasn't going towards what she wanted. She's still a little shaky at it but I know in a few days she'll be off and moving faster than I can :) . I also tried giving her some pieces of banana cut into really small bites and she was not having that. I'd give her a little bite piece on a spoon and she'd spit it right back out and make a funny face. We'll just have to try again in a few weeks.
       We have been swimming a lot this past weekend. My mom took us to Indy Island (an indoor pool) on Saturday and Matt took us to Perry Park (an outdoor pool) they are both Indy Parks pools and are very baby and kid friendly. Autumn enjoyed both pools, but I think I liked the indoor pool better. I didn't have to worry about sunblock and her getting too much sun. Hopefully we can go again next weekend because Matt is off the whole weekend for my birthday :) .
        As for me, I will be 18 weeks along in this pregnancy on Thursday!!! Almost half way there but still getting sick so I had to go back on my Zofran pump. I started to feel our little one move about 2 weeks ago. Matt was able to feel the baby Friday for the first time. I have to say feeling the baby move is one of the only things I enjoy being pregnant, along with hearing the heart beat. I've decided this past week that my body hates being pregnant :( I have to say I get jealous of the women who have these perfect pregnancies, they never had morning sickness and if they did it's only a few times and say "it wasn't that bad". Or they had no problems and really do have that perfect pregnancy. I felt this way when I was pregnant with Autumn too. Sorry if I'm being too honest but that's just me and how I feel . I have also started my 17P injections almost 3 weeks ago. I will get these every week until 36 weeks. They are shots of progesterone, which are natural hormones that your body produces in high levels when you're pregnant that keep your uterus from contracting and your cervix from softening and dilating. When we were having Autumn we found out that my body doesn't produce enough and this is why I was having preterm labor. These shots give me a 35% less chance of preterm labor. They have no side effects to mom or baby because it's a natural hormone you produce. We have our big ultrasound on the 20th (less than 9 days away). We haven't decided if we're going to find out what we are having. Guess we'll just wait for the question by the ultrasound tech and decide then. We really haven't been looking at names as much as we did with Autumn. I can't decide if it's because we are busy with Autumn or if it's because it's such a pain to look at baby names lol. I really don't like looking for baby names because Matt and I are so picky as to what we like.

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