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Friday, July 29, 2011

20 Weeks - Half way there

As of 7/28 I am 20 weeks along in this pregnancy! I am trying to keep positive, I'm still getting sick if I don't use my pump (so no getting off that yet). We had our Big ultrasound on the 20th and found out we are having a BOY!!!! We are all so excited :). We've got the room painted and have gotten a few things for our little guy (which I love saying). We're still looking at names and of course we won't be sharing until he's born. A little about the u/s, we found out that even though I've lost weight he is the normal size of a 20 week baby. He has all of the organs one is suppose to have, good movement, good placenta and cord placement. We did find out that my cervix was shorting in length already. They like to see a normal cervical length of 4 (I'm not sure if that's measured in inches or centimeters) but mine measured 2.9 the first time then 3.2 the second time. The tech measured at the beginning and the at the end of the u/s. The tech was freaking out about it the whole time so it clearly worried me (I don't think I got to enjoy the u/s like I did with Autumn). She went to talk to the doctor and see what she wanted to do. I go back for a normal OB appointment on Aug 4th and she wants to do another u/s to measure it again. If it's still getting smaller they'll do a cerclage. What is a cerclage you ask, it's a stitch placed into the cervix to keep it from opening and is normally removed around 36 weeks. They will keep an even closer eye on me to make sure everything is going good. And as you've already guessed, yes I'm worried. I'm worried about the risks, will I really need it, and etc. Well that's it for now, I'll keep everyone updated on what the next u/s shows on Thursday.

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