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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Zofran pump, Matt's surgery, and Autumn!!!!

~Zofran Pump~
        I got my Zofran pump a week ago today, and I'll start off with telling you what it is. Zofran is a nausea drug. The Zofran that I'm taking is in liquid form that is administered through this pump that is like an IV. Only difference is it doesn't go into a vein, it's just a little catheter that goes either into your stomach or thigh. The pump puts the meds into my body every few minutes and that adds up to 1mg per hour. If I'm feeling really sick or get sick, I can give myself a dose of 1mg additional every 6 hrs. A home nurse came to the house with all the stuff I needed and showed me how to use it.  The first day I got it the home nurse put it into my stomach and I had the pump on that evening and through the night. When I woke up my stomach hurt so bad from where it was attached to me. So I took it out after I ate. I then had to do the brave thing and attach it back to me lol. I tired my stomach but it was still so sore, so I decided I'd try the thigh. The nurse said people normally got the sore spots in their thighs (a side affect from the drug). I did the deed and stuck myself with a needle (The catheter is what covers the needle and once you get the needle all the way in, you hold the butterfly wings down and pull the needle out. Then your all set to go) and what do you know it didn't even hurt. Haha I did the unthinkable (at least to me) and it was a piece of cake. Now for the rest of the week I put it in my thigh and have yet to get the sore spots! I guess there's more fat in my thigh than stomach.
   So you ask, "Rachael, how are you feeling? Does this work?" And I say, it's amazing!!!! I haven't gotten sick in over a week, I can eat whatever I want and feel great! I'm picking up weight now. I've been able to eat and drink milk products, which I couldn't do the whole pregnancy with Autumn and this pregnancy because they would make me so sick. I've been able to get up and get my day started earlier than I was. Normally I'd get Autumn up, change and feed her, then I'd get sick and then try to eat something light and get sick again and again and again, then it's be 1 or 2 before I could do anything (either do the things around the house or go out and do my to do list). Now I can start my day off earlier and have time to rest or whatever else. The plan is to use this another week or two and be able to function without it. To get me off the pump we just lower the amount that is given to me until it not needed. We have probably met our insurance deductible for the rest of the year in one week of using this. Plus side to that everything else will be paid at 100% by the insurance. Down side is Matt or I will have to probably sell an organ to pay the bill (our deductible for a calendar year is 3000.00) lol.

~Matt's Surgery~
        Matt had his surgery yesterday to remove the mass in his cheek along with his 4 wisdom teeth. The wisdom teeth were a breeze to get out they said (so easy to get out that he was only numbed and WASN'T out to sleep). They had to take a molar out to get to the mass in his cheek (they were thinking the tooth was the cause of the mass). The tooth came out so easy that it scared the surgeon at first, Matt said. The tooth was in good shape except the tips of the roots. The root tips were infected, Matt said it looked like a jelly fish was attached the the ends (eww). The mass in his cheek ended up just being puss and a little blood from the root tips. So they gave him pain meds and antibiotics. Matt has to go back in two weeks (first week of July) to get everything checked out. He was in no pain yesterday. Matt went back to work today and has been feeling normal all day. What a trooper!!!!!!

        Our little Autumn is doing so well!!!! She just loves to eat :) she is now using a sippy cup. I can't believe that next month she'll be 8 months old. Autumn is still only crawling backwards, but is very close to going forward. Her arms just need to get a little stronger. She's still working on getting her front top two teeth, they are so close to coming in that we can feel them trying to break through her gums. She's still sleeping 11 hrs a night. We've got her on a very good schedule that includes a morning and evening nap. We are doing the summer reading program at the library. Autumn loves to be read to, and loves flipping the pages.

Well that should catch you up!!!!!

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