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Monday, May 16, 2011

Matt's visit to the Oral Surgeon

Matt's appointment went very well today. We went to an Oral Surgeon today because he has a mass that you can see on his lower cheek (right on the jaw). They think it's an abscess that is caused by a tooth. They said it looks to be good news because it is free moving (which means you can touch it and it wiggles instead of being attached to the bone which could mean possible cancer). So He will be going in on 5/26 to remove the tooth and clean out the tooth pocket and bone and send the mass off to be looked at. He will also be getting his wisdom teeth removed at the same time (they're all through the gums). He was going in to our dentist on 6/2 to get them removed. They said it would be easier on him. And it is going to end up costing us less money too . So we feel very good about it all and so does the Oral Surgeon. Matt is going to be awake during the process so they can talk to him on what they're finding and what the mass looks like (his choice). We will be glad when this is over, we were worried at first for not nothing what the mass was and having members on both sides of our families having cancer. We are very blessed to have gotten into the Surgeon so quickly and get this taken care of.

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