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Friday, March 11, 2011

Sleep Training........not fun

Autumn is going to be 4 months on the 12th, so we are starting to get her use to sleeping ALL night in her crib like she does in her bassinet. We are also not swaddling her anymore because the doctor finds it to be unsafe once infants reach the 4 month mark. So we put her crib in our room for now until she sleeps through the night again. Our first night trying this was last night. We are trying a version like the cry it out. We lay her in the crib tired/sleepy but still awake. If she cries, we let her cry for 5 minutes (which we decided to do instead of 15, it's less stressful for Autumn) then I go to the side of the crib put her paci back in and pat/rub her back/butt until she calms down or closes her eyes. The first night went better than I expected. She fussed from 11pm to 1230am off and on, then she slept from 1230am to 530am without a cry and not swaddled. Matt had slept through it since he had to be up at 330am to go to a meeting at work at 5am. When she cried at 530am I just laid her in bed with me until her 8am bottle. I'm debating if we should take the bumpers off the crib rails so I can see her at night and see how she is positioned. The reason I'm thinking about that is because she moves all around her crib (I don't know how lol) but then again I think I should leave them up because she does move around her crib and I don't want her to bump her head. All in all I'm very proud of Autumn for being such a big girl :) We shall see how the next couple of nights go!

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