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Friday, March 18, 2011

4 month doc appt and more

Today Autumn went for her 4 month shots. She got 2 in the thigh and 1 oral med (she loves the oral meds). She weighed 12.6 lbs (10th percentile), 25 inches long (75th percentile), and her head is 15 inches around (10th percentile). She's still so tiny compared to other babies her size is what the doctor said. She's not worried though b/c I'm pretty small. Autumn is developing very well she says far as putting weight on her legs, pushing up when on her tummy, etc. She gave us the go ahead to start baby foods!!!! Since Autumn has been taking rice cereal in her formula since 6 weeks old, the doc doesn't think she'll have any food allergies (I hope not). I'm looking forward to the new food options for her (even though it'll be messy).

On another note, Matt and I have done some house reorganizing, we have moved our dinning table from the dinning room to the breakfast nook and the dinning room is now a play room!!!!! It's going to be a great place to block Autumn in when she is on the move lol. It will also be great to have the highchair where the tile is for an easy clean up! :) I'm going to be watching my best friend's little boy Jack when he comes in the beginning of July, so that'll be a good place for him to play too.

We have been trying to look at the next stage car seats for Autumn too. We've found a great deal on the brand Britax. We got a stoller that can become a double stoller, when we have more, and infant car seat, and 2 convertible car seats for 400.00 :). We didn't need a new infant car seat but it came with the deal, so it'll be nice to have one for each car since we only had one base for the infant car seat we already had. I can't wait till they come in the mail!!!! Should be here some time next week.

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