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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Autumn's first time meeting Uncle Tom and Kara

Matt's brother, Tom, is in the Air Force so he travels and lives all over the place. When Autumn was born he was over seas and just got back at the end of January. So Uncle Tom and Kara (his lovely girlfriend) finally got to come for a visit and meet Autumn for the very first time!!!! Autumn of course loves them :) . Kara loves Autumn and just says how cute she is. Tom is a natural at holding babies and was so happy to see and meet her. They leave Monday, which we always hate seeing them leave, so we are getting to the most out of their time here. So far we've gotten to have dinner Thursday at Apple bee's and Friday at Matt's sister's house for dinner. Kara came over this morning while the boys went o work out at the gym. She was such a wonderful help (and doesn't even know it). Kara played, held, and fed Autumn while I was able to hold laundry, wash Autumn's bottles, clean the kitchen, and take out the trash! It was so nice to have help so those things didn't take up the whole day. And of course we talked the whole time :) . We plan to have breakfast with them Monday morning before they leave to go home.
Autumn, as of this week, has started to eat 4 ounces every 2 or 3 hours (finally). Her spit up has gotten a little better. I'm hoping it goes away soon because I have all these cute outfits for her but they're always covered up with bibs :( . Since this week has been so nice weather wise, we've been able to get out of the house more (which is great for Mommy lol). We have had a very exciting week, next week should be a little more relaxing!

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